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Jun 18 Travel to Greece

Santorini Island

If you are looking for a combination of beauty, charming and uniqueness of nature for your summer vacations, then you should look only to Santorini Island, Greece!

It is known as the most beautiful and romantic Greek island for summer holidays or for just an escape for a few days. With a magical sunset, beautiful beaches with black sand from the volcano, t....

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Sep 11 How to Travel for Cheap!

What: Traveling

Why: Living with less doesn't mean you have to do away with vacations or trips, while trying to save every penny that you can. Living with less, means making room for MORE in life - such as traveling, road trips, romantic getaways on the beach, you get the drift. Below are numerous ways in which you can save a few bucks the next time you travel. By all means this list ....

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